About Us


TENDER-NETWORK Ltd.’s well-prepared team consists of professionals who possess extensive knowledge about and comprehensive experience in connection with the EU. With our expertise in project development and project management, we can both design and actively contribute to the successful implementation of projects dedicated for funding by the European Union.

TENDER-NETWORK Ltd. ’s highly qualified staff uses the tools and methods of project management to assist clients in selecting projects which are feasible, cost effective, and which conform to every requirement throughout their implementation.

TENDER NETWORK Ltd.’s commitment to providing an outstanding level of service is signalled by the company’s EN ISO 9001:2008 certification and the associated quality assurance system with which it operates. To protect our clients’ interests, we maintain liability insurance policies with regards to our project development, project monitoring, and project management activities.

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive service to our clients which satisfies a wide variety of needs and market demands. We continuously develop our services, the expertise of our colleagues, and our company’s knowledge base with this goal in mind.