Project Management


Project Management Consulting

  • We keep track of the project’s progress and ensure that the plans are faithfully implemented
  • We offer suggestions regarding the strategic aspects of the project’s implementation and help our clients make informed decisions
  • We maintain efficient channels of communication between the sponsor, the beneficiary, and the other parties involved in the project as well as facilitate mediation between the parties in case there is a conflict
  • We compile progress reports and final reports; prepare and verify payment requests; and assist in the modification of the grant agreement if necessary
  • We offer continuous support throughout the planning and implementation of the project

Monitoring Consulting


  • Regular and comprehensive on-the-spot monitoring at project locations in order to ensure the fulfillment of the tasks specified in the grant agreement
  • We monitor and verify the project’s legal, professional, and financial compliance
  • We verify the fulfillment of the performance indicators and targets undertaken in the project
  • We check the project documentation thoroughly and regularly
  • Should we encounter any deficiencies or shortcomings, we carefully analyze them and suggest possible solutions